How to build a house in Toca Boca Life World | Complete Guide

If you are excited and ready to show your architectural creativity to bring your dream house to life in Toca Boca Life World then this article is for you in this blog post we will discuss the step-by-step procedure on how to build a house in Toca Boca Life World which reflects your unique creative vision. If you want to create a more unique design for your dream house you need more decoration and customization items. For those, they can also download the Toca Boca Mod APK to gain access to all the paid features like locations, customization, and décor item free.

how to build a house in toca boca life world

How to Build a House in Toca Boca Life World

There are many different ways to design and build your dream house in the Toca Boca Life world. We will take you through each step to construct and furnish your unique houses and buildings through your imagination. So, let’s get started and discover how to build a house in Toca Boca Life World and make your virtual world more beautiful.

Select a location

Toca Boca Life World features players with many locations and neighborhoods. You can explore these locations and choose the location to build your dream house keeping in mind some factors such as size and space of the area, accessibility to other places, neighborhood vibe, and scenic views of surrounding.

Choosing a house template

You can choose a house template that suits your style as the game itself provides a wide range of templates. These templates include basic family houses, modern apartments, beach houses, fantasy mansions, space stations, doll houses, and tree houses. Using these templates you can build any house you like.

Customizing the exterior

Once you have chosen the template for your house it’s time to customize the exterior of the house by adding rooms, windows, and shutters. In addition, you can also give unique designs and colors to the doors and roof of the house which give it an attractive look.

Customizing the interior

 Now it’s time to customize your interior as the Toca Boca Life World has a diverse collection of furniture items. Using these furniture items you can furnish your rooms, bedrooms kitchens, and bathrooms to build your dream house according to your desire.

Decorating and personalizing

 Once you are done with your house it’s time to decorate and personalize to give it a final look. You can choose different colors and theme which matches your style. You can add custom characters to live in the house and also use your own custom customization and décor for your house.

Moreover, you can also dress up your windows with a stunning variety of curtains, decorate your walls with beautiful artwork, add plants to every room for a fresh vibe, and add comfy beds elegant sofas, and high-tech TVs these features give your dream house a lifelike and luxury look.


Toca Life World offers landscaping tools for the players to enhance the outdoor area around the house. Players can start by creating a lush garden for their house according to their preferences. You can add colorful flowers, plants, and trees, to give a vibrant burst of colors to your garden. Consider including outdoor activity areas such as a playground, barbeque area, swimming pool, or basketball court.

Moreover, you can also include hardscape elements such as pathways, walking areas, driveways, and lighting which will create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evening making your outdoor space more enjoyable.

Exploring your house

Once you have completed building a house in Toca Boca Life World then it’s time to explore your creation and discover surprises and hidden interactions. Interact with the characters you placed in your house and create memorable moments.

Save and share

Toca Boca Life World gives you a feature to save your dream house after you get satisfied with its customization and personalization. So, you can modify them later again whenever you want. In addition, you can also share your creations with your friends and online community to showcase your creativity skills.


Yes, you can create your own custom character to live in the house.

Toca Boca Life World does not have this feature yet in the game but you can share your creation with your friends to show them your creativity skills.

Yes, you can customize the exterior of the house by adding windows, doors, and various decoration items.

 Yes, you can build multiple houses in different locations according to your desire in the Toca Boca Life World.


How to build a house in Toca Boca Life World is not just a gaming experience, it’s a journey to show your creativity and design skills. This game allows players to build their dream house by choosing a perfect location and personalizing every detail according to their taste. You can also revisit and modify your creation at any time. With all these endless customization options Toca Boca Life World gives you features to create your own virtual world. So, dive into the virtual world now and show your architectural skills through your imagination.

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