How to Customize | Create Your Own Character in Toca Boca

One of the best features of the game is to Create Your Own Character in Toca Boca. This feature allows players to customize characters according to their preferences. This feature gives the chance to players to use their creativity to design unique characters. If you want to show your creative skills to customize your character on a big screen then the good news is that you can also enjoy Toca Boca on PC and iOS as well.

Moreover, Players can design characters by using different types of body parts, clothes, hairstyles, and accessories. There are a limited number of items available to customize characters in the official version of Toca Boca Life World but by using Toca Boca Mod APK, you can obtain various bundles and packs for free and thus unlock thousands of more items to customize your character.

Create your Own Character in Toca Boca

Guide to Create Your Own Character in Toca Boca Life World

Toca Boca Life World includes a wide variety of characters that players can choose from and interact with. You can also choose to customize them according to your liking. In this blog, we will describe all the steps that are required to customize or create your own character in Toca Boca Life World. Here is a detailed explanation to do it.

Open the Character Creator

First of all, to create your own character in Toca Boca you have to launch the game. After opening the game you’ve to tap on the play button and you’ll reach the screen where you can choose different locations. From the top right corner, you can access the character creator option.

Available Characters

After reaching the character creator screen you can choose any of the preset characters you want and then customize it according to your own choice. You can check all the characters here Toca Life World Wiki.

Character Appearance

Now you can customize your character’s appearance with a wide range of options. You can also unlock all the items for free by using Toca Boca Mod Apk. First, you’ve to choose your character’s age from any of the given 4 options Toddler, Child, Teen, and Adult. After that, you’ve to choose the skin color of your character.

Facial Features

Now, you can create your own character in Toca Boca by customizing the facial appearance of your character the way you want it to be. Toca Boca Life World enables the players to customize the following features of their character.

Toca Boca Facial Features


There are many different kinds of hairstyles available to customize your character including wigs, extensions, and dreadlocks as well. Then you can choose any hair color for your character according to your choice. A few options to add facial hair to your character are available as well.


A number of eye expressions are available as well which help to convey the emotions of your character. You can customize your character’s eyes to depict various emotions. You can also customize your character’s eyebrows and change their shape, length, and thickness according to your choice.


Various options to modify a character’s nose appearance are also available such as nose shape, nose length, and nose size. Players can also add freckles or wrinkles to their characters which gives a more realistic touch to the game.


Certain mouth expressions are also available in Toca Boca Life World which can give your character a specific look or emotion. These include a smile, a grin, a frown, a neutral mouth, an open mouth with different levels of openness, and a wide-open surprised mouth.


Toca Boca Life World also offers a wide variety of clothing options to customize your character. Various dress styles are available for both casual and formal occasions. Varieties of choices in footwear are also available. Players can also choose special-themed costumes to customize their characters. In addition to the clothes, many accessories like glasses, headbands, masks and are also present in the game.

Toca Boca Character Clothes

Personal review

I personally enjoy the feature of create your own character in Toca Boca. This feature allows players to express their imagination and creativity skills by designing a character that truly looks like them. The process is straightforward and enjoyable as it provides endless customization options for the players so that you can craft a character that matches your personality perfectly. So dive into this open sandbox of Toca Boca now and unleash your creativity and imagination spirit now.


Yes, you can customize your character any time you want after you’ve saved it.

By using the Toca Boca Mod APK, you can unlock all the items to customize your character for free.

Yes, Toca Boca allows you to customize multiple characters.

Final Words

With Toca Boca Life World you can use your creative skills to customize or create your own character which not only provides a way of personal expression but also encourages imaginative thinking as you have to make certain choices about how you want your character to look. Thus character customization not only serves as a fun and creative activity but also as a tool that can help individuals develop a wide range of skills. If you like any character in Toca Boca then you can also download their Wallpapers.


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